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The Think Evangelism Global Conference is hosted by Dr. Rice Broocks with evangelists from all over the world as guests. Broadcasted live on YouTube on the second Saturday next month at 8am CDT (1pm GMT) for 90 minutes.

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The "Think Evangelism" strategy was developed by Dr. Rice Broocks to equip believers to share the gospel with unbelievers and help local congregations create a culture of evangelism.

This is accomplished by identifying the Evangelists in their midst who are instrumental in equipping believers to effectively share the Gospel, make disciples, and defend the truth of the Christian faith. 


First of all, in light of the commands of Christ to take His message to people in every nation, all believers should be thinking about their responsibility in this area and the best way to fulfill this mandate. When we make evangelism our highest priority, the creativity and grace flow into every aspect of our lives as well as our Church culture. Evangelism is no longer a program or a department but a vital part of every expression of our lives as followers of Christ. 

Secondly, we must have an expression of evangelism that is grounded in a reasonable presentation that demonstrates and defends the truth of the Gospel. Put simply, the Think Evangelism strategy unites evangelism with apologetics. It equips believers of all ages and walks of life to graciously and effectively share their faith while fulfilling Christ’s command to love their neighbor through our actions and not just our words.  

Overview of the “Think Evangelism” process



Those who desire to learn to share and defend their faith more effectively are encouraged to attend a Saturday seminar. The lessons can also be accessed online or through small group material. They are given instructions in the fundamentals of evangelism and apologetics. They are also introduced to strategies and evangelism tools that will enable them to start conversations that lead to the presentation of the Gospel.


During the seminar, those with the gift of the Evangelist will be identified. These Evangelists will be trained to help their fellow believers to be better prepared to share their faith and defend its truth. Coaching these Evangelists is a vital aspect of the ongoing TE strategy beyond the initial seminar.


These Evangelists will help form an evangelism team that will help equip the entire congregation to better engage the unreached with the Gospel. With this simple process in place, all believers will be able empowered to advance the cause of Christ.